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About Us

About Us

The Physio Counsellors is a leading provider of physical therapy, physical exercise training, pilates through Tele-Rehabilitation and offline services. We provide exclusive online and offline training(including home visits) & consultation programs focusing on muscle strengthening, stretching and pilates that help relieve aches and pains. Our tele-rehab approach makes our services geographically accessible for clients in any demographics and thus reduces costs and eliminates wait times.

Our Mission
Enhancing human lifestyle by making quality physical exercise training accessible to everyone across the globe.

Our Story
The Physio Counsellors is founded by Dr. Tripty Karwal (P.T.) who is masters in musculoskeletal physiotherapy from Indian Spinal Injuries Centre(IRS), India, certified in Sports Medicine and Health Performance from University of Gothenburg, Sweden. As an exercise therapy consultant, her goal was to make physical training available to everyone irrespective of their demographics with the help of online pilates classes and tele-rehab services so that everyone in this world can have a pain-free, fit and healthy lifestyle.

She has many international certifications which makes her a -
- Certified Mulligan Therapist
- Certified Spinal manual therapist
- Stott Pilates trained instructor

Our Experience
Dr. Tripty is a Certified Stott Pilates matwork trained instructor and Certified Spinal Manual Therapist, Australia with 10 years of experience in Exercise Science and Physiotherapy.
She has attended various workshops in the field of sports medicine and exercise sciences such as taping, acupuncture dry needling, chiropract and osteopathy, research methods etc.
She has earlier worked in several clinics, hospitals, special schools, Fitness and sports centres. She has also conducted ergonomic workshops and health talks at the corporate and community level.


Associated With

Seaside Cricket Club
Goteborg Royal Sports Association

Our Services


Tele-Consultation (Video Calls)

We deliver services with virtual technology minimizing barriers of cost, distance & time. Sessions include consultation, training/treatment, follow-ups.


Injury Prevention

We help you focus on fitness of core muscle strength and train you for any of the upcoming challenges in life like neck and back pain with the help of a discrete fitness plan which fits well in your daily schedule.


Pain & Injury Management

With precise assessment and individualised exercise training, we aid you to recover from pains like neck and back pain & change its recursive nature. We provide sports-related counselling for players.


Posture & Ergonomic Correction

We offer postural and ergonomic desk assessment to prevent injuries and pains like neck and back pain helping you be more productive at work. We offer detailed consultation for corporate employees.


Pilates Training

Our individual & group online pilates classes help to tone muscles, be more flexible, gain strength, burn fat and get mind body connection. We offer special sessions for pregnant & elderly women.


Home Exercise Visits

We provide home exercise sessions through personal visits in selected locations. We provide one on one physical exercise training with special attention to make you fit and pain-free.

Online Group Training Session for Senior Citizens

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Tuesday and Thursday

5:00 PM - 6:00 PM CET


9:00 AM - 10:00 AM CET

Online Group Training Session for Pregnant Women

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Monday, Wednesday and Friday

5:00 PM - 6:00 PM CET

How do we work?

Online (Video chats or meetings)

  • Book an appointment online
  • Proceed with a video consultation on any social media platform ( whatsapp, facebook, skype etc)
  • Attend an exercise training session online with trainer
  • Receive home maintenance exercises
  • Get free follow-up

Offline (through personal meetings)

  • Book an appointment
  • Visit for a personalised consultation
  • Receive home maintenance exercises
  • Get free follow-up

Home Visits

  • Book an appointment online
  • Share your address
  • Get a home visit exercise session

Why Choose us

We provide personalized physical exercise training and exercise therapy consultation anytime, anywhere at reasonable costs. Our more than 10 years of experience in this field establishes immense trust among our clients. We provide easier and faster consultations with our tele-rehab services like online pilates classes. You won’t need to attend any physical appointments, all the consultations and training are provided at the convenience of your home.

Our Approach

The examination & treatment process developed by The Physio Counsellors is based on the work of various approaches in Manual Therapy and Exercise Science like Mulligan, Butler, Elvey, Maitland, McKenzie, Shacklock, McConnell, Thomas Myers different osteopathic, chiropractic, core strengthening, stretching, myofascial meridians, kinetic control and several taping concepts. Pilates is an important form of training that is helpful in gaining strength, flexibility and balance. We know that every individual is unique; the complaints are unique and so they should be assessed and treated uniquely. The focus is all on the individual's health.


Arun Nayar

Ms Tripty has been very innovative and scientific in her approach towards treatment of my neck and upper spine. Moreover, the ease and convenience of getting the physical training and consultation via online and digital mediums was awesome. With her dedication and affirmative approach I got rid of neck pain and resumed normal duty.

Mohit Malhi
Home Visit

I had sharp pain in my lower back and was not able to stand for more than 30 minutes. My mother asked me to consult Dr Tripty. She made a checkup for my problem and put me on a 6-8 week program which helped me fix all my problems. Now also, whenever I have a problem I reach out to her through her online services.
Thank You Dr Tripty!

Vishnu Manglani
Offline Consultations

I’m a tennis lover & about 10 years ago (at 70) I had strained my lower back & then I met Dr. Tripty Karwal, a very professional practitioner who made me very comfortable during my treatment. She really challenged her capabilities and set my back right. I’m proud I met a person like her. Due to her commitment I am playing tennis till date when I’m 81.

Arko Mukherjee

I cannot speak highly enough of their skill, professionalism, down to earth approach, and ability to inspire the patient to help themselves as well. I didn’t think I was ever going to run or be pain-free again until I visited the PhysioCounsellors.

Faraz Ahmed

I’ve had a couple of injuries relating to my back and a sports injury to my calf, for all of them, the PhysioCounsellors has made a thorough examination, instituted a clear program of exercise and rehabilitation and I’ve been quickly back to normal. Their knowledge and professionalism are excellent and I’ve been recommending him to family and friends.

Venkatraman Palani
Offline Session

Amazed with Dr Tripty Karwal’s knowledge as she had diagnosed the exact cause of my chronic shoulder and arm pain within the first 15 minutes of a phone conversation, whereas I was treated by others earlier which only had aggravated the pain.

I’m feeling completely alright now after the 8 week program, and thanks to Dr. Tripty!

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